Making the Call

Call Preparation

Being mentally prepared and focused before you begin any call can make a huge difference to your results.

You need to know what you are aiming to achieve during the call – what is your target?

Before you begin dialing, always check your road map (script). It’s your guide and pathway to a successful call.

Then, just as you’ve got it all going on… just before you pick up the phone … consider these quick call preparation thoughts:

What would it be like to get a call from me?

I’m going to make this presentation sound as though it’s just for them. I’m going to keep it fresh, enthusiastic and original.

Remember … the prospect has feelings too! Make time to listen during the call!

It’s about winning them over. Would I buy from me? How do I sound to them?

When I pick up the phone … out there … is a whole group of people who will welcome my call … they’ll listen, get interested and when I make a good presentation and then close the call. This group of people I’m calling always will say “yes” to me! They’re out there all right, I just gotta find them … that’s all!



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