Over the last wee while I’ve been paying attention to comments and conversations about the state of society, how people are trapped in poverty, living on the street, undergoing enormous stress in their lives through illness, child abuse, debilitating disease and many other ‘issues’. What has been amazing, is that in the main the comment has been that “government” needs to do more to help the people affected. 

Sure, Governments the world over could likely do more, but surely we as citizens of the world have to take responsibility, and action to alleviate the pain and suffering too? 

If we solely sit back and wait for Government intervention, and new programmes to help then we’re looking at  a situation where taxes will have to be either increased or redirected to cover new or improved services. 

We can’t expect Governments to do everything, all though we would very much like that to happen – we need to make some effort ourselves. 

Some recent conversations have been between people who haven’t voted in their local elections, they haven’t demonstrated their constitutional right – having instead decided that it wasn’t worth it, that no matter their vote there would be no change in the areas they want to see change in. 

Sometimes, perhaps – but unless we make an effort, unless we participate there will be no change. 

We can all make a difference, whether we’re wanting to make financial contributions, offer our services, lend a helping hand to someone in need – the ways in which we can all help are many and varied. 

As the late Rev. Martin Luther King said in his I Have A Dream speech – ‘… Now is the time …’ , and today, as we start out in new year it IS the time for us all to be doing to make a difference. 

Make 2012 the year you say “I will make a difference, I will play my part”.


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