Tele-fundraising can be an effective way to gain support and of course donations for an organization, handled right your tele-fundraisers can gain considerable support.

Here’s some tips that will help your team ensure every call made is effective and result in support for your organization:

Set yourself a target – have your own target for how many calls you will make, and what your volume of donations you’re aiming for

Personalise your script – if there’s words in the script you’re given that you wouldn’t normally use they will come across in your voice, personalise and you will have more success

Don’t post mortem calls – the call has gone, get over it and move onto the next one

Know what you want from the call – if you don’t know what you want don’t bother picking up the phone

Smile before you dial – smiles do come across on the phone

Ask for the donation – you won’t get anything unless you ask with confidence, and commitment 

Pitch it and zip – ask for the donation, then zip your lips – don’t talk yourself out of the donation 

Have the answers to common questions at the ready – if you hesitate in answering questions you could miss out on gaining the donation

Celebrate every NO you get – every no is getting you closer to a YES

Don’t prejudge the call – you have no idea who is at the other end of the phone and what they maybe able to give

It’s not you they’re saying no to – don’t take rejection personally, they’re saying no to the cause or the donation request NOT YOU

Don’t ask people how they are unless you have a relationship with them – people know you don’t rally care.

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