We all get opportunities to refer others to either work on a joint venture project or directly with someone we know – but how do we ensure the person being referred will measure up to our expectations and to those of the person you are referring them to?

I normally only refer people I had worked closely with, or who I had seen the quality and standard of their work; but today with more networking (traditional and social) we are able to refer and make recommendations more easily. Often on LinkedIn we can get asked “will you write a recommendation for me?” – More often than not these have been from people I scarcely know let alone worked with, or seen the quality of their work.

Are we opening ourselves up to risking our own reputation?

From my experience I would say we are.  Twice last year I introduced people to people I know to carry out a job, only to have been let down on both occasions.

Are we taking recommendations too lightly now, and not really thinking about the implications?

How do you handle referrals or recommendations?

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