New Zealand recently hosted  (and won) the largest sporting event the country has ever seen, for some sectors its been a bonanza, for others there is  some doubt about any positive impact.

What about the charity sector, has there been any impact?

For some there hasn’t really been any concern, for others there was concern from the outset that hosting of the cup tournament would have a negative impact on their fundraising – but has this been the case, or is it (still) too early to know?

There may have been some increase in the number of people out doing street sign ups, and regular street appeals have still taken place, phone appeals too, but whether there has been any impact on the success or otherwise of fundraising and supporter acquisition campaigns we may not really know for sometime.

Managed right organisations could have gained more exposure than they may have otherwise got, being careful of course not to run foul of ambush marketing rules.

Some organisations would have been effected negatively, those who would have normally earned income through car parking duties, but perhaps they managed to recoup any loss through other means.

There has been some feedback from some in the sector that their donation income dropped as people spent ‘disposable’ money on tickets to events or other activities during the cup, whether this was widespread may never be known, but there is the likelihood that there would have been a percentage of people who diverted money they would normally have donated.

It would be interesting to know if there was any impact on the charity, nonprofit sector – positive or negative.

Was your organisation affected by the cup, if so in what way? if in a negative way, what have you done to compensate for any losses?

Did organisations change their programmes, event schedules around the cup?

If you’re not in New Zealand and your county has hosted a major event did your orgnanisation change activities around a major event?


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