It’s great to see companies like Woosh and Bayer among others making the decision that forgoing sending out Christmas card isn’t a hardship, and that the money they’d normally spend could be put to better use.

Why do companies still feel a need to send a pricey greeting card, why a semi-expensive wine – chocolates? Can’t they see that they can do more to woo the client they’ve already got simply by maintaining good customer service, and that the money the spend sending gifts could be put to far better use. Come on, it’s not rocket science.

Sometime I go I suggested giving up a coffee for charity and people scoffed at it, so here’s looking forward to more people poking their nose at this suggestion.

If Woosh, can see that giving the $1000 they’d spend on cards, postage etc to a group of charities had the potential to do good, why can’t others.

Imagine, if every company with 50+ employees decided to do the same.

I haven’t done the sums, but I’m guessing that here in NZ we’d end up with a pretty nice chunk of change being handed over to community groups, charities and service organisations.

Not only does it make sense to give money to groups at this time of year, rather than spend money on cards etc – isn’t it also good for the environment? Where’d the paper, ink, gum and labour come from that produced it?

Are we thinking too much about keeping up with the Joneses by sending cards instead of thinking about those around us that could make better use of the expense?

Next time you head out to get a card for a client – stop – think, is it necessary? Perhaps you can say thank you well enough in a call, and instead send the money you’d have spent to a charity or community group.

Let’s start thinking – there’s more we can do. Are sending cards only a way of boosting our own ego?  There’s better things we can be doing, forget about sending that greeting card. Will you?

If you do decide not to send a card, don’t waste the effort by sending a letter to your clients etc saying why you’re not doing a card. I’ve seen companies do this and it just defeats the purpose.

Card, or contribution to something in the community? I know what I’m doing.


If you’ve sent me a card, thanks; I’ll be making a donation to charity instead of sending any out myself.


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This post was originally posted on AdageBusiness Dec 2010

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