More and more people are opting to give to charity at Christmas rather than spend money on gifts – so why aren’t more organisations ramping up their activity and activiely promoting something on the lines of –  “instead of that gift – make a gift that will make a difference”?


It would make sense for charities to run some form of promotion, using social media for starters perhaps, to get the message out that giving to charity at Christmas can make a difference, that the gift has the potential to last long and have more of an impact than something wrapped under the tree.


There are already some doing it, and that’s great to see, but why aren’t more doing it? Has your charity, or a charity you give to sent out a message asking for donations at this time of year, what’s the response been?


If your an individual, or family – why not ‘gift’ a donation to charity in the name of someone you would normally buy a gift for, companies instead of sending out gifts could be sending a card to those they’d normally give something to say “we’ve made a donation in your name to xyz.”


Charities should be planning to do this – if they’re too late for this year, get the ball rolling and be ready for next year.


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