Connecting with your supporters only when you want something doesn’t cut it – they’re gold when it comes to help gain new ‘blood’.

Next time you’re going through your supporter database identify a few and invite them to lunch, thank them for their support, and ask them if they would be prepared to introduce friends, family or colleagues to the work your organisation does. 

There’s nothing more powerful than a personal introduction. A personal introduction to your organisation can be really powerful. 

Once you’ve had ‘lunch’, send those who attended a personal note or email and thank them for their time, their support. 

When you get a new supporter – again, send a note thanking the person who did the introduction, you could be pleasantly surprised what this could do – perhaps they’ll increase their support, or they might introduce more of their connections to your organisation. 

If you do this on a regular basis, perhaps monthly, you could find yourself with many new supporters by the end of the year. 

A lunch, cup of tea or a get together at your office could bring in more new blood, more support and definitely more understanding of the work of your organisation than any direct mail campaign, any telephone appeal – and they monetary cost is likely be a lot lower too. 

If you have held a social event without the key to it being to raise money, what have the results been? 

Did you gain new supporters, supporters you may not have otherwise attracted? 

Please share your experience.


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