After often being asked by companies what charity they should support, I thought I’d share my standard response, which is  – ask your staff.

Why ask staff? Theres a couple of reasons, one being in the current economic climate staff who have been waiting for pay rises may take umbrage at their employer announcing they have made a donation to charity. whereas if staff are involved in the decision making process they are less likely to feel as though they’re missing out, that the company does still care, and are likely to hang out for a pay rise knowing that the boss isn’t just lining his pocket.

Here’s a quick guide as to what a company could do to get staff buy-in

  • Let staff know that you’re considering supporting a cause in the local community
  • Keep staff in the decision making process ever step of the way
  • Ask staff to put forward suggestion as to who/what to support
  • Ask staff to be part of the decision making process, by asking staff to ‘nominate’ a couple of co-workers to join a ‘panel’ to look at options
  • When the decision is made, let the staff who took part of the final decision process announce it
  • If possible have staff present the donation to the recipient
All of this will help staff morale, and make them feel as though they are truly part of the ‘team’.

Sure, some staff will still feel that they have missed out, but by showing and involving staff in making these decisions it will be easier for the company to deal with any negative feelings within the company.

Next though, the company will have to look at how they can reward staff – feelings of being under paid will still be there and the company will have to look at this at some time.

So, next time you’re approached to make a donation to charity – use the above process and your staff will think more highly of you for having them participate.

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