We’ve all done it, or at least we know others who have – put our mobile phone in our pocket, bag or just sat on it forgetting to have keylock on – only to discover that we’ve made “one of those calls”. 

I caught a brief clip of a programme late one night which was about “Blind Calling” it talked about how a charity benefited from these accidental calls, it would seem that often the erroneous calls were made to a number often at the top of our save numbers list; given this, some bright spark came up with the idea of loading a number onto your phone that made an automatic donatiion to a charity.

After some searching I came across this article on Springwise from 2007 – A Blind Call: Accidental Charity – wonder if this could be something for local charities to look at as an ‘accidental fundraising’ opportunity.

Perhaps a quick chat with local mobile carriers could see some extra, unplanned giving taking place.

Perhaps we as consumers could champion this with our carrier and see if they’d be willing to forgo any cost to charities who receive donations this way. 

Food for thought, I’d be keen to know if you’ve heard of any charities benfiting from this ‘accidental giving’ – as well as from any mobile carriers who are helping charities with this type of ‘giving’..


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