You’re following a discussion on Twitter, then all of a sudden it stops, you’re left hanging, you want to know more, you want to join it – but it seems the discussion just stopped – you feel you’ve been left out of the loop.

What happened to the discussion?

Is it really an issue?

Firstly, what happened – it’s quite possible the discussion went ‘private’ the couple of people having the discussion thought rather than fill everyone’s timeline that they’d continue it with DM (direct messages), not a biggie really.

Was it really an issue that the conversation went private? In short – no. If you hadn’t joined in the conversation it’s how sad too bad really, but that needn’t be the end of it, you may feel you were left out of the loop, but unless you had joined in, how would the others have know you had an interest and had something to share about it.

It’s not too late to say something about the conversation, perhaps you could @reply the people and refer to their discussion, or you could blog about it and ‘reignite’ the discussion.

Being sour faced about a conversation going private is only your problem. You have the ability to keep a conversation going, but on the other hand if there was only a couple of people talking about it, perhaps they felt it was something no one else was interested in, so they took the ‘polite’ path by taking it out of the public timeline.

If you want to engage and join in conversations only you can do this, you need to be proactive in finding the conversations that interest you, and you need to be the one who joins in, others won’t know that you have an interest unless you wave your arms and say something.

Get in the loop – join in the conversations that interest you, and remember they don’t have to be about you, your organisation – they can be about anything you have an interest in.

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