People often ask “how do we get noticed?” They’re referring to people connecting with them on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 

A great analogy is – You won’t meet anyone if you go to a bar and stand around like a wallflower – so why be a wallflower when it comes to social media. And it’s dead right.

It doesn’t matter what social media you’re using, unless you let yourself be seen – post information others will be interested in, and check others profiles, connect with them; “butt” into conversations – you’re going to be nothing more than a wallflower. 

You’ve probably said something on the lines of “social media doesn’t work, I’ve not seen any benefit.” If you have, have you looked at your activity, has it been all that it could have been, or have you simply been doing updates – without trying to get any engagement or build connections? 

You can’t scramble an egg without breaking it – you won’t make any inroads in social media if you don’t break out of your shell, if you don’t join in conversations. 

Stop sitting on the sidelines, join in the conversations taking place – you don’t always have to talk “shop”, behind every account is a person, be a person, show your personality and you will soon find connecting, sharing and gains will be made.

One thought on “Stop being a wallflower

  1. Absolutely, this is the way that Social Media should help people and their businesses. Share and amplify the good news of your peers, partners and fellow social networkers. Beyond that, find interesting networks and inspiring individuals and meet them in the real world.

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