Do you manage your calling cycles around events taking place in your community?

Do you collate a calendar of “usual” events taking place? 

Anyone doing outbound calls, membership drives, fundraising or sales calls should be monitoring what else is taking pace that could have an impact on the “call outcome”. 

If there’s a major event on TV this will impact on how your call is received, it’s hard enough to get a good reception, don’t make it harder by calling when people are at their most distracted. 

By collecting, or sourcing a calendar of events, outbound telephone campaigns can be scheduled at a time most likely to have a better, more positive impact. 

You could programme your calling around a TV documentary scheduled that covers something aligned to the work you do in the community. This would give you a “lead in” to the call, or give something as a reference point when talking to people. 

Remember too to alert people that you’re going to do a telephone campaign. Talk about it in your updates to your supporters. 

Don’t forget to update your website to let people know you are doing a campaign, update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online social channels. 

Spread the word, people will then have a heads up and will likely have recall of your updates when you call. 

Build a calendar of events, keep it updated your campaign is likely to benefit from doing this. 

Is what you’re doing news worthy -tell the media. The more people know about what you’re doing, they better all round. 

Do you have tips on managing a fundraising telephone campaign that you can share, post them in the comments below.


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