It may surprise some to know I only have one Apple product, I’ve admired Apple as a company, and Steve Jobs as a visionary, someone from humble beginnings –  growing into a person who has done so much to change the way we interact, engage and enjoy life.

After the passing of Steve Jobs, I saw and read many postings about him, and one of the most moving (in many ways) has to be his Stanford Commencement Address

I found several messages in it, messages that will come to you when you watch it. Listen to the words yourself and I’m sure you will come away with some gems that will reassure you that you’ve done the right thing, or if you haven’t they’ll give you the ‘nudge’ you need to take the plunge.

One quote struck me “even if you’re struck by a brick, don’t give up” (8:13)

Whatever you’re doing – don’t give up!

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