Are you using social media as part of your communication process – what’s working for you, what could work better?


If we were to look at the following, what of this have did you do, or have you done since starting your social media activity?


It doesn’t matter the type of organisation you are, there’s likely to have been discussion about social media and how you might use it.


If you haven’t already had that discussion you’re probably going to have it sometime soon.


Social media can be an organisations dream; it could give wider opportunity to engage with your current and potential supporters.


With millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, it’s easy to see that eyes would widen at the prospect of what this could mean to your organisation. But wait – there’s more – an understanding of what’s best for you is needed before hitting the “start” button.


It’s not about just collecting connections, likes, friends, subscribers and followers. There’s more to it – an understanding of what each platform is and what it could possibly do for you, how you can make use of different platforms for different purposes is also needed.


You shouldn’t use a hammer to put a screw in, you use the right tool for the right job – the same goes for social media.


Chances are your supporters are already using social media – what are they using. Ask them – next time you send an email, post your newsletter, or however else you connect with them, ask them what they’re doing – and if they’re already using Facebook, ask them to “Like” you, to become your friend.

Don’t go boots and all into every possible social media platform, start small – set up Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for your organisation – and perhaps have your key personnel join LinkedIn.


What you will likely find is that you have people within your organisation who are passionate about social media, who have some knowledge of it’s use and potential – nurture these people and invite them to help spearhead your online endeavours.


Different sites will allow you to not only register your organisation but will also allow you to register and promote your events.

Where to from here – look at what you’re doing now, what could you change, what sites are you using – what’s most effective, are there sites you’re not using that you could be?


Next time we’ll look at your strategy – there’s no point diving in unless you know what you want to achieve from being “social”. 


Image: © Robert Gubbins | Dreamstime.com


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