Do you have an opt-in email subscription for your organisation – if so how are you dealing with unsubscirbe requests? 

How you handle these can have an impact on how you’re perceived, here’s something I posted on AdageBusiness a while ago.

How long does it take to get unsubscribed? Come on, if someone wants to be unsubscribed to an e-newsletter or other offering respect their wish. Don’t make it difficult, you didn’t make it difficult for them when they wanted to subscribe, making people login to unsubscribe isn’t doing you any favours.


Not too long ago I went mad and subscribed to a range of what first looked like interesting feeds, e-newsletters and the like; but after seeing the same thing week after week being trotted out I started unsubscribing. But the amount of time it has taken to have my request to be ‘released’ is becoming a real pain. I’ve just received the 7th email from one organisation I requested to be unsubscribed from, surely after the 2nd request you would have thought they’d have gotten the message. 


If someone wants to unsubscribe – respect the request. It isn’t doing anyone any good by continuing to send info they don’t want or aren’t interested in.


Make it easy for your supporters (and yourself), have an easy to follow opt-in and opt-out process.

Are you making it easy for your supporters? Do you have a simple opt-out/unsubscribe method?

What’s working for you?




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