Are you open to your tweets being seen by everyone – if no why not?

It’s interesting to see community groups, charities and others working to help people in the community have protected tweets, why would these organisations want to narrow who sees their messages?

Using social media is a great way to reach the masses, but when you protect tweets you’re limiting yourself, and only allowing what you have to share being seen by your “inner circle”. 

Protecting your tweets means:

(Source: Twitter Help Center) 

  • People will have to request to follow you and each follow request will need approval
  • Your Tweets will only be visible to users you’ve approved, meaning that other users will not be able to retweet your Tweets
  • Protected Tweets will not appear in Twitter search
  • @replies you send to people who aren’t following you will not be seen by those users (because you have not given them permission to see your Tweets)
  • You cannot share permanent links to your Tweets with anyone other than your approved followers 

Open up your communication channel, and save yourself some time too, unprotect your tweets, let your followers share what you have to say, grow your exposure and give yourself a wider audience. 

Nonprofits struggle, as it is – will you keep your tweets protected or will you unprotect?

One thought on “Protected Tweets

  1. I am totally for un-protected tweets.Though I still enjoy the protected tweets feature and it has a place. It is perfect for a business communication intranet.Everyone on the team can see what each other are doing through out the day and access this from their phones :)So internally a nonprofit organisation could use it protected but to the public it doesn’t make sense.

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