September 21st is the International Day of Peace, a day when individuals and organisations can participate in peace activities. 

International Day of Peace – or PeaceDay as it’s sometimes referred was first celebrated in 1982. 

This year Save the Children – New Zealand  are encouraging New Zealand bloggers “… to take this day to explore the theme of peace”. 

Your peace blog could be on anything that had the objective of raising the issue of peace, participating in a peace activity, or any number of things –

Save the Children – New Zealand suggest: 

“Peace could mean an end to war, achieving zen, ending an office feud, or secretly burning the neighbour’s drum kit. Or it could mean being the Officer of the Law who goes round to investigate a shameful case of musical arson. Whatever the topic, whatever the tone, it’s over to you.” 

When you’ve done your Blog for Peace let Save the Children – New Zealand know – tweet them (@SaveChildrenNZ) and make sure to use the hashtag #blogforpeace.   

Save the Children – New Zealand also ask that you post a link on their Facebook page and add a Blog for Peace Twibbon to your profile pic. Your name will be added to their blogroll of participants. 

What are you waiting for, it’s not too early to start looking at what you could blog about – remember #blogforpeace 21st September. 


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