A common comment made about social media by people not using it, is “why should we be there, we know what we’re doing – and no ones talking about us.” 

In short, this is rubbish – is you know what you’re doing, you should also know that people are talking about you. They’re mentioning you in the shop, café, plane, home, office – and YES on social channels. 

If you think you’re not being talked about you have you’re head buried in the sand. 

You may think you have “control” over your brand, that the messages you want people to see are seen – and that you know what’s being seen, said and shared. But you’re wrong, you don’t have the control you think you have. 

People have always talked to one another about brands, the praise, they knock, they ridicule – you name it, people have something to say about brands – and brands really have no control over it, they need to be listening to what’s being said, and respond to it. You should be doing it too !! 

Don’t just sit there thinking that because you’re not using social media, that people aren’t interested and talking about you online. You need to take the ear plugs out, pull your head out of the sand and listen to what’s being said. 

Take the plunge and get on board, prepare a plan of the platforms you will use, the way you will manage your online presence and how you will respond to comments (the good and the bad). 

Don’t let everyone else do all the talking about you – join in, engage and be part of “your” conversation. 

Do you control what’s being said about you? If not, why not? 

Also see Can of Worms.


Image ©  Andrii Iurlov | Dreamstime.com

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