We may have seen reports that traditional/regular giving to charity hasn’t declined much with the recession and the wave of natural disasters, but have new donors “signed up” for the long haul? 

When people see pleas for assistance for crises, famine, natural disasters they want to help, they want to help right here – right now. 

But, how many of these will become regular donors, have they been sold on the work you do, or have they given to help with this one “event”? 

The upside of the wide uptake of social media is that it gives an immediate way to get your message out – you have the opportunity to reach many people in a very short space of time. This gives you the opportunity to push out pleas for immediate assistance. 

There can be a downside to too much use of social media to run appeals, people can turn off quickly, and even if they don’t and they give; it’s likely they’ll only give the once. 

It’s important to have balance, to run appeals – but to also show the positives of what has been happening. Even the worst disaster can have a positive story you can share. 

Read Three Ways Social Media Has Negatively Affected the Nonprofit Sector (and What We Can Do About It) from Nonprofit Tech 2.0 – it covers some of the above and more. 

Are you turning your supporters (current and potential) off by being too negative, or are you being balanced with your online activity?



Image: Courtesy of mattinbgn


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