It doesn’t matter whether you’re a charity or a business – you’re a brand, and twitter users are different when it comes to brand engagement. 

Sherilynn Macale of The Next Web says in – Twitter users are more likely to impact your brand than any other social network“Now, more than ever, is the time for brands and companies to begin understanding how the chaotic and real-time world of Twitter can massively influence the ways in which consumers perceive them.” 

For charities this is important to know and understand, when you have twitter users who are “… 3x more likely to amplify the influence of that brand than, say, a Facebook user would” as Sherilynn cites in her post, you’re in need of knowing just how powerful a platform like twitter can be for your message to be heard and amplified.” 

So who are twitter users? To quote from Sherilynn Macale’s article, “Who are Twitter users and why are they so important to your brand? 

Of the users who are active on Twitter daily:

  • 72% publish blog posts at least once a month
  • 70% comment on others’ blog posts
  • 61% write at least one product review a month
  • 61% comment on news sites
  • 56% write articles for third-party sites
  • 53% post videos online
  • 50% make contributions to wiki sites
  • 48% share deals found through coupon forums

In essence: What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter.” 

It’s important to understand that people will talk about you, and when they do it may be complimentary – but it mightn’t be. Are you ready for the good and the bad? 

Twitter users are influencers – they share, what they share can and does spread far and wide. 

Think about it, if someone on Twitter wrote a blog about you – how far do you think it has the potential to spread? The spread can be massive. 

Are you making the most of Twitter? Are you watching what’s being said about you on Twitter? 

See Twitter as the local coffee shop – news spreads. 

Do you agree or disagree? What’s you’re take on Twitter users? 


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