Ask yourself this one question… “Are you relevant to your audience?”

We all want to know that we are being listened to, that what we are sharing is being seen as interesting, beneficial etc – but are we taking our “scoring” too far? 

Are we going back to having “in crowds” –if you’re not in the “in crowd” you don’t count. We can’t look at social media, or any other measure as a way to see how well we’re doing. 

Our measurement should be on the engagement and continued engagement we are having, that our message is being seen – and acted on, that what we’re offering our audience is valued. That we’re not just cluttering our online streams with meaningless information. 

If we want to know how well we’re going shouldn’t it be measured by the number of new subscribers we have to our blog, our newsletter; or the number of people offering assistance, offering skills and expertise and of course financial support. 

This post from Pam Moore The “Marketing Nut” makes for an interesting  read and looks at what perhaps we should be measuring – our Zoom Factor. 

Pam asks: 

Ask yourself this one question… “Are you relevant to your audience?” 

She says, “If you answer anything other than yes to this question then you need to read the rest of this post.” 

What are your thoughts?


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