It’s been a good week since I shave my lid for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF), raising over $2,300.00 – not too shabby. A BIG thank you to everyone who kindly donated, your support means a lot to me and CCF.

I’d also like to make a special thank you to Hester and the team at Ministry of Hair – not only did they stay late to shave my lid, but they also gave a generous donation. A big thank you too to the Heritage Hotel for their support, loan of wine glasses and the generous donation. A massive thank you to you both.

Thank you also to Nigel for coming along and taking some video of the night – I’ll get this posted over the weekend so you can all have a laugh. 

As for my hair, I’m enjoying having it shaved – even in the recent cold weather

 I spent Monday with my niece while she was in Auckland for chemontherapy treatment, from all accounts she’s doing well which is good news. Seeing other children and families at Starship Children’s Hospital for treatment is sometimes hard to cope with especially when you see how young some of these kids are – a child in a carry cot too young to even crawl, a child happy and full of life one day, the next too sick to lift its head. For some families the path is not easy, having the support of the Child Cancer Foundation helps them cope a bit more.

Something that might surprise is this from the CCF website  Did you know More than 150 children in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer each year and the Foundation can support up to 900 families at one time.”

One last thing – if you’re looking for an organisation to support please check the Child Cancer Foundation website to see how you can help them in the work they do.

Thanks again to everyone for your generous support.

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