As you may have read/heard it’s all coming off to help raise the funds the Child Cancer Foundationwhich needs our help to give the support they do to families who have a child with cancer. 

The support received to date has been amazing, both in terms of donations and support in kind. Ministry of Hair will be pulling out the clippers to do the deed, thanks also has to go to the team at the Heritage Hotel who have kindly offered a cash bar to any supporters who wish to come along. The Heritage Hotel have also made an offer direct to Child Cancer Foundation for other support they may be able to offer – so a special thanks for this too. 

It’s been fun talking to people about why I’m doing this and what it means to be able to support, along with many jokes being said about how I will look come the 10th of August. I’m looking forward, with some trepidation to how it will look, it’s been a number of years since I last shaved my lid. 

I’ve also been asked how my niece (Stevie) is, how the treatment she is receiving is going and what the outlook is. So for those interest – last week Stevie was at Starship for her chemo treatment. Her medical examination went well – weight stable, blood pressure ‘normal’ and her overall bloods were good to. All in all things are going to ‘plan’. Her prognosis is good, and for that, I know everyone is grateful. 

Other families are not so lucky, and it’s not only for the support Stevie has been receiving from the Child Cancer Foundation that I’m shaving my lid, but for all the families who the foundation supports. 

Without organisations like CCF New Zealand would be much the poorer, where else can families get the support they need when facing what can be a long road when they have a child undergoing treatment. 

Your support is really appreciated – thank you. 

If you wish to support my efforts you can on here.


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