When someone puts their hand up and says “I’m with you”, “Here’s some money”, “I’ll roll my sleeves up and help” or similar, not only are they showing their willingness to support your cause; they are also to an extent saying “I endorse you”. 

Are you worthy of the endorsements you’re getting? How are you managing these people who say “they’re with you”? 

It’s one thing to ask for support, it’s another to manage the support and supporters you have – and a big step in this is demonstrating that you are worthy of the support you’re getting, that the wishes of your supporters are being followed – that you are delivering what you asked for support for. 

If you’re using any online platform, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn or anywhere else it’s important you’re listening to what people are saying about you, and the sector in general. You’ll soon pick up on any positive comments being made, you’ll also be able to pick up any negative comments. 

Whether positive or negative you need to respond, you need to acknowledge people who are talking about you. This is all part of being seen in a positive light and will help you secure support. 

When you see positive comment it’s important that you respond in a genuine manner, that you don’t roll out a standard “thank you” – this will is likely to be seen in a negative light. 

Should you come across any negative comment ask who you can help to rectify the negative feeling someone has about you, or the work you’re doing. 

This will all help you secure ongoing support, it’s this ongoing support that will help you gain more support. 

When people see you as being genuine, someone they can trust, they will not only continue to support you, but they’re also likely to talk about you with their friends, family and colleagues. They’ll be showing people in their ‘inner circle that you have their “endorsement” , that you’re worthy of their support. 

Asking for support – no matter if financial, time or other should be seen as asking people to endorse you. 

These people know they’re probably won’t get a plaque to hang on their wall, or get exposure in the media; but will know that their support is welcome and respected.

Show you supporters that you’re worthy of their support. That you’re got their back – that you’ll protect the support they’ve given. 

Are you doing enough to ensure your supporters are acknowledged, not only with the receipt you issue them, but with the work you’re doing? Or are you simply taking their support for granted and not giving any consideration to what this support can really mean to them? 

Do you agree?, Disagree? What are you doing now to show your supporters that you are worthy of their support? 


© Dennis Owusu-ansah | Dreamstime.com


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