Charities still need to learn about how they can, and shouldn’t use online methods, specifically social media to fundraise. 

It is still of the utmost importance that charities don’t forget that the main thing they need to build before fundraising is – a relationship. A relationship with the community, one built on their community know who they are, what they do, how support will help make a difference. 

People are unlikely to give if they don’t have an understanding, feel a connection with or want to be seen to be aligned with a charity. They want to know that there’s a “fit”. 

Getting supporters to “buy in” is harder than someone buying a suit, when someone buys a suit they know what they are looking for, they’ll know it will serve a purpose, they’ll want to buy it. They don’t know this when it comes to a charity seeking support on or offline. It’s the job of the charity to let potential supporters know what they stand for and what any support will mean. 

When it comes to using social media as a way to connect and seek support the recent article “10 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Fundraising

 by Nathan Hand on #fundchat covers this area well. 

Like Nathan I’d ask if you – Agree? Disagree?  What worked or didn’t work for you? And for you to please share in the comments!


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