We all use it, we’re all dependant on it – water, to some it’s like gold. 

Having a shower this morning, I got to thinking how nice it was, then suddenly I thought about those in other places who didn’t have the luxury of running water, in some cases having to trek for literally miles to a communal water well to fetch their water. 

Then there’s the fact that every 30 days an estimated 120,000 children die from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.  

I had to see what people are doing to raise funds for water – and came across 30:30 Challenge. 

Run by WaterAid, which turns 30 this year, the organisation has “reached over 14 million of the world’s poorest people with access to safe water and more than 9 million with access to sanitation …” 

What is the 30:30 Challenge?

  “2011 is WaterAid’s 30th birthday year and to mark the occasion we’re asking companies and their employees to raise vital funds for our work by taking part in the 30:30 challenge. 

  “Simply pick one or more of our 30-themed fundraising ideas to take on as an individual or a team of colleagues with the aim of raising at least £30 per person taking part. If none of our ideas suit, then think up your own! And why not see if your company can match your fundraising efforts? 

“As well as helping us to build on our successes over the last 30 years and enabling us to reach even more people with access to safe water and sanitation, the 30:30 challenge is a great opportunity for employees to build team spirit and develop key skills, such as leadership and project management.”

Check the 30:30 Challenge Briefing Pack for more info.

Something like the 30:30 Challenge would be a great way to get individuals, families and companies involved in something that will benefit many. 

One of the fundraising ideas is to be sponsored to live on 30 litres of water a day for 30 days – something like the 30:30 Challenge has the ability to go truly global.  

I’m keen to give living on 30 litres of water a day a go, if others are.



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