It’s staggering to think that since 2009, our courts (New Zealand) have successfully prosecuted cases involving fraud of more than $3 million from charities. That’s a massive amount lost, taken – nah stolen from organisations trying to do good in the community. 

This does not include the recent prosecution of the charity worker who stole millions from an elderly woman, adding another $2.4 million to the sum stolen. 

Grant Thornton’s  NFPs Failing on Risk Management: NZ Report  highlights the lack of formal risk management, surely the sector needs to tighten up, individual organisations need to ensure they have good polices and practices in place. 

It’s time the sector looked at how to improve itself, the more ‘bad news’ the public hears about the sector – frauds, thefts; the more the potential the sector has to lose support it so badly needs from the community.

What are you doing in your organisation? 

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