After reading Phone first! On 101Fundraising, I got to thinking about how many missed opportunities for funding/sponsorship I’ve witnessed – simply because someone was – too lazy – to pick up the phone.  

That phone call is like gardening, it allows you to plant the seed; to learn something about the person/organisation you’re calling, it also gives you the opportunity to get the ‘permission’ to send more information, or arrange a meeting to advance your cause.  

All too often we hear about organizations seeking support making their first contact via email or letter, this does nothing but add to the requests that the receiver has likely had already. 

By simply picking up the phone and talking about your organization, what you do and how the person you’re talking to can help will get you a lot further than any unsolicited mail. 

Even if you’ve been referred to the potential supporter, you are still better off picking up the phone and making a call. The ice has already been broken through the referral and you can use this as your ‘opener’. 

If you’re unsure about how you can and should use the phone, there’s some great advice in Phone first!, if you’re looking for support for your organisation, the tips and advice could make all the difference. 

A good way to also learn about good use of the telephone when seeking support is to take note of calls you may receive, there’s bound to be some callers who techniques catch your attention – use some of what you learn from these calls to improve your own. 

Share your thoughts, comments: 

Are you using the phone?

 How are you using the phone?

What’s working for you?


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