After reading “Charity worker scams millions from elderly woman” on the Stuff website and knowing something about the case – I thought it timely to ask – do you know who you’re giving to?

We can take people too much at face value, we’re often too trusting – and when that comes to charity, that can lead to problems, disasters even.

When any organisation runs a campaign it’s important that people giving are able to easily and reliably  verify that it’s bona fide. It’s in the interest of the charity and the charity sector as a whole that identification, charity registration details and other information is made available to the donor.

Donors shouldn’t hesitate calling the charity if they have any doubts; in the case of the elderly lady conned, she had been sucked in by the “heart wrenching story” the con artist used on her.

There are people out there who will take advantage, we all need to be vigilant, charities need to help tighten up on systems and procedures – and we donors need to be on our toes, we need to be alert.


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