Came across this on AdAge Blogs (no relation to me) and thought it worth sharing, there’s certainly food for thought here.

Companies that want to do good while gathering market research are being offered a new way to do that, thanks to the CMO Council and its Pause to Support a Cause. The council this week announced its partnership with online research community Opinions for Good in a program that allows consumers to reward their favorite charities when they take part in market research surveys — while adding new voices to consumer research.

“We often hear a great frustration from our brand marketers that their research comes from the same pool of people,” says Liz Miller, VP-programs and operations at the CMO Council. “One of the big issues is how do we open up new demographics; how do we open up new opportunities to get new voices?”

Through Pause to Support a Cause, Miller says, “We’re looking at multiple benefits to multiple constituencies.”

With the cause-directed survey model, consumers can donate 25% to 100% of the payments they receive for participating in research to a nonprofit or charity. The effort already has more than 200 nonprofit groups signed up and hundreds of consumers registered. More



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