Wonder how some people give? What about the ways kids give – over the last wee while I’ve been hearing stories about how families are giving, how children are urging their parents to give. 

One story I heard recently was of a brother and sister who said to their parents that they wanted to give $5 of their weekly allowance each week to a charity – but they wanted their parents to match what they were giving. So now the charity is getting $80 a month from this family, and the family are talking about what the money the give means to the charity and its beneficiaries. 

How’s that for cute? 

There’s bound to be many more like that out there, lets find them and share them. 

If even one other family in your street did the same as this family, imagine what it would do for charities if this pattern was adopted by two families in every street. I’m not even going to try and work out a simple scenario for a town with a population of 10,000. But the amount that could be added to the local giving ‘pot’ could be huge. 

I’ve also heard about families, who as a family, have committed to giving what they would normally spend when they eat out at a certain fast food restaurant. They still might go sometimes, but they will give the equal amount as they’ve spent to their usual charity. 

I’ve talked before about Coffee for Charity  aren’t the family who are giving the money they’d normally spend on eating out doing almost the same thing? 

What others ways can people give, what sacrifices could they make to enable them to give something (perhaps something extra) to charity? I guess the ways would only be limited by our imagination.  

Instead of buying that new coat, that you don’t really need you give what you would have spent to a charity. Or, can you round up the purchase price of what you’re buying and give the extra to charity? 

Maybe someone will come up with a programme the same as ASB has with it’s Save the Change with the “rounding up” going to charity. 

One last cute way kids are giving. The children in one family I have heard of have decided that they don’t want birthday parties this year, instead the money their parents would normally give will be going to charity. 

There’s bound to be lots more of these cute ways kids are giving, and in turn inspiring their parents to give – if you know of any, please share them.

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