A while ago I wrote Getting a Younger Generation On-board With Your NPO on SocializeYourCause.

Essentially it’s about how young blood is needed, no charity can rely on the ongoing support of their older donors and supporters, a new generation of supporters is needed.

There’s no better time to start nurturing young people to get involved than through their school or community groups.

Recently The Aucklander ran a story on a young girl, Olivia, who wanted to help others who were less fortunate, she did really well and not only raised a good sum of money, but she got others involved – read the whole story about Olivia here.

With about 1 charity for every 172 of us, there’s a lot to choose from and we can’t all be expected to be able to constantly give, all the more reason to nurture and encourage a younger generation to get on board.

 We need to make giving to charity attractive to the younger generation, we need to help them understand the needs of others and how it’s with the help of others in the community that need help.

 If you have a child in school does their school do class projects on the needs of others? If not, is it something that could be suggested to help children understand?

 As a community group, have you approached local schools to see if you can talk to students about the work you do?

 Either of these will help – we all need to do our part to encourage the next generation to help.


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