Back in September I posted When Disaster Strikes – Opportunists, since the devastating Christchurch earthquake of 22 Feb, we’ve heard some details of people trying to take advantage of the generosity of people wanting to help. Thankfully the media have picked up on reports of rogues trying to make a buck – and word is spreading that opportunists won’t be tolerated.

We need to be vigilant, if you’re approached to give support check and double check where the support you give will be used, who the people are asking for support. Most unscrupulous people will run a mile when asked a few simple questions – ask and ask again if you’re approached.

It’s not uncommon for fraudsters; scammers to circulate an email like the one mentioned in this item in the NZ Herald which talks of a Quake pretext in email scam. It’s really important that we’re all vigilant at times of a disaster; when see or hear of anything that raises questions or concerns about the legitimacy of any efforts to raise funds or to offer assistance to people who may have been affected. If we do come across something, we owe it to everyone, including the victims to report it and spread word of the scam.

For those in New Zealand this – Legitimacy of some charity collectors questioned – from the NZ Herald is a must read. 




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