Since the Christchurch earthquake on the 22nd of September, help has been coming in from all quarters, international aid agencies, international search and rescue specialists; local and central Government, big business, small business and individuals.

We know that this support is needed and appreciated, what is getting to people is the sincerity, the passion behind the giving.

Hearts and wallets are opening to the needs of the people of Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Christchurch, will take years to recover from this disaster, and all of New Zealand are feeling the loss that the city has had, and the losses it will face for years to come. 

Individuals and organisations are gathering items to sell on TradeMe. Retailers are donating the proceeds of sales of goods, and Community groups the length and breadth of the country are holding events, fundraisers or other activities to raise support and help for the people of Christchurch. 

Mums and dads are opening their homes to strangers, offering a bed, meals and other support to people displaced by the quake. People have posted on Twitter that they couldn’t bear the continued aftershocks and just wanted out – which has been met with offers of airfares and accommodations. 

Businesses unrelated to Christchurch have been offering to take on work, others have been offering office space – all out of the goodness of their heart. 

We’ve all heard about the work of the “student army” of volunteers helping with the clean up. 

The Rangiora Express has been delivering food into affected areas by helicopter. 

People who have been ‘conscripted’ to do overtime to cover staff in affected areas are offering overtime wages to the earthquake appeal. 

Bake sales are continuing to be held, sewing and knitting groups are doing what they can to help out. 

It seems there’s no end to the imagination people are putting into ways they can help. Perhaps the devastation in Christchurch has brought New Zealand closer together as one large community; parochialism has taken a back seat. 

If you’re looking for a way you can help, just take a look at what others are doing, and do something similar in your area. 

Money is what is needed, and if you’re in Auckland you can get a donation bucket for your business –pop into the electorate office of local MP Jacinda Ardern (86 College Hill, Ponsonby, Auckland) and collect one. Jacinda’s office is open from 9-5. All money raised in these buckets will be given to the NZ Red Cross Appeal. 

Check the NZ Herald site for other ways you can help. 

When disaster strikes, no matter where in the world you are, be assured that the connections you have, the friends you have will tap into their resources to help; they will hear you in your time of need and use their networks to help, and where possible New Zealand will be there to help where it can. 

We’re a global community and as a community we need to do all we can to offer support. The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, has launched a global fundraising appeal – the need for help is so great that all avenues are being used to raise awareness and help. 

If there’s anything you can do to help, it will be appreciate, help will be needed for the weeks, months and possibly years to come. Spread the word among your connections. 

When you need help I’ll be watching to see how I can help. 



Image: Courtesy of mattinbgn

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