A while ago I wrote “Don’t give discounts, make a donation instead” now that we’re shocked with the devastation and loss of life caused by the latest Christchurch Earthquake, it’s timely to think about how we can all help.

If you can’t give directly, ask your customers/clients to help; tell any with accounts that if they pay early you will make a donation on their behalf to one of the appeals. 

If you have suppliers in the quake affected areas, make sure you pay them on time. If they’re unable to trade they will appreciate getting your payment on time – even if it’s not due for payment just yet – pay it now. 

Another way you might be able to help is if you know people, businesses working in a similar field to you – ask if you can help releive them of some pressure. Take on some of their workload until things settle down for them – be big hearted and do it for free, do it from the heart.

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