There’s a growing number of homeless people all around us, it doesn’t matter what country, or city we are in; homelessness is everywhere.


Why then do people treat as though they’re invisible? Homelessness affects people from almost every walk of life; the recent economic crisis has seen families who were prospering end up losing their homes and resorting to living on welfare, on the street or in shelters.


Here’s an exercise we should all undertake; next time you walk down the street acknowledge someone who is living on the street; a simple smile will do, if you have the time, stop and say hello. For some a simple hello will make their day, almost as much as that spare change you have in your pocket will help them with a meal.


Not only will the person you acknowledge feel better, but it’s likely to have a positive impact on you as well.


The other side of this is to take a look at the reaction you get from others when they see you talking to someone less fortunate. It’s surprising how many people look down their noses when they see you engaging in conversation.


How do I know this? I’ve met several homeless people over the years, mostly they’ve been a good bunch of people, some have been a little abrasive, but perhaps this is because they’re not used to us ‘seeing them’.


When you get someone who wants, or maybe needs to talk; you could be surprised by the level and intellect of the conversation, there’s some gems of stories out there just waiting for someone to hear them.


There’s Missions and Shelters throughout the world where people can gain shelter, a cuppa and a bed for the night; but how many of these people being ‘helped’ in this way are also in need of a friendly smile, a wave, a quick hello, or a quick chat? I’d say many are.


Say hi, it’s warming to those you say it too.


If you can, head to your local Mission or Shelter and offer a hand, if you don’t have the time; how about making a regular financial pledge.


Please remember, no one is invisible; it’s the people like you and I who are blind to others around us.


Can we do it here – “Homeless write to put life in context”

 I was homeless; ‘the look’ judged me worthless



© Taylor Wilkins | Dreamstime.com


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