Remembering that you’re selling a ‘concept’ to people – support for your organisation – you need to know who and where your supporters are, what they’re interested/passionate about….. you need to be able to tell stories about the work of your organisation that will be heard, that will inspire people to help.

Knowing who and where your supporters (current and potential) are, and what triggers them will make it easier for you to retain and gain support through targeted approaches.

Using a scatter gun, hit and miss approach will gain some support, but not nearly as much as a well planned and targeted approach.

Do you know where you main supporter base is? Is it in your local neighbourhood or further afield? Do your supporters have common interests in the community? Do they play sport, attend stage shows? Do they have school aged children?

All of these questions should be asked of yourself and your supporters. With the answers to these and any number of other questions you will have a ‘supporter profile’ and will also open other avenues for you to approach them and others like them.

If your supporter is male, plays golf, works in your local area and has school aged children you have the potential to be able to approach others just like this through – the golf club, the school and local business groups.

If your supporter is local and belongs to a business group, perhaps you could approach the group and ask if you could speak to their members about the work of your organisation. The same could be possible with the golf club, which could even open the doors to a charity golf tournament.

Just like any other market – your supporter base will change, and you will need to know what’s changing and why. By having an understanding of your ‘core’ supporter you’ll be in a better position to alter your appeals according to market changes.


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