All too often charities and others working in the community don’t appear to have a clear picture of what they want support for; sure they know and can explain they need support to keep the organisation going and enable it to function in the delivery of its services. But, when asking for support they could do a lot better if they had a “Wish List”.

When approaching business or the public for support asking for funds for capital xxx can often be met with a resounding no. If on the other hand an organisation can say they need x amount of dollars for y materials, equipment or a specific project they are often received in a more favourable light.

If you have a project you’re undertaking, where possible break the project down into ‘parts’ – if an organisation is needing funding to take a group of children away on a trip of a lifetime; show the total cost per child, further broken down into the travel costs, accommodation costs, food costs etc – you will be able to ask people to support one child either in total, or for their travel, accommodation or food costs.

Doing it this way will enable those who may only be able make a smaller contribution do so. They won’t feel that you’re doing something they have no way of helping with.

Any project you’re undertaken can be broken down, build your “wish list” have it at hand when making those calls, include it in your appeal material, show it on your website – and ask, ask ask for help based on a smaller amount.

Do you use a wish or project list when making appeals for support? What do you do that works for you?



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