People who know me will know how passionate I am about charities and groups working in the community, the help they need and we can give.

So I thought it time to have a dedicated blog to share tips, stories and more about what we can do to help charities and others in the non-profit sector, and how those working in these sectors could help themselves.

I’ll be posting from personal experience, tips and tricks from others; as well as stories about specific charities.

If you work with a charity or non-profit and have something you’d like to share, let me know and if it fits this blog I’ll include something about it in a future post. Likewise, if you support a charity or non-profit and want to share a story about why you help, I’ll look at including it in a post too.

I should start out too by saying there are a number groups and others working within the sector I support, these include the likes of

Koru Care NZ

Southern Stars Charitable Trust

Oxfam NZ

World Vision

Radio Lollipop

Ronald McDonald House – Auckland

Mercy Hospice Auckland

Burn Support Group Charitable Trust


Others working in the community to help the sector that I support or have/do work with include:



Photographers for Charity

Socialize Your Cause

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

I’ve  started putting together a  list of topics I’ll post on, including:

  • Payroll Giving in New Zealand
  • Coffee for charity – interest in this has grown substantially since I originally posted this on my AdageBusiness blog
  • Gift Giving – giving a gift of time, money or product to help a group in the community
  • Bequests
  • Gaining and Retaining Supporters
  • Tapping into the youth sector for support


Hope you’ll keep an eye on this blog, and I look forward to hearing your comment on posts.


p.s do check out The Charity and Philanthropy Daily and if you’re not already follow me on Twitter 



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