A Coffee a week for Charity (incl. Update)


After seeing and hearing about people slowing down their giving when times get tough, I wondered what would be the outcome if we were to give up one coffee a week for charity – just how much would be able to be given at the end of a year.


Why did I think of coffee? Easy really, some people think about purchases by how many coffees or beers it is ‘worth’, how many they’d have to forgo to make the purchase. Think of it this was, if something costs $100.00, it’s about 27 coffees, or 12.5 Heinekens. So why not look at charity giving in the same way.


So, after polling 80 people and receiving responses from 62 of these, which showed they consumed on average 6 coffees a week at cafes, restaurants or other establishments. A spend of about $1,372, I thought lets see what could be done if we gave a coffee a week to charity.


Based on NZ coffee prices; where a flat white sells for about $3.50; the average coffee consumed was worked out at being $3.70. Given this, if we gave up one coffee, or donated the equivalent to one coffee a week we each would be able to donate $185 each year to charity.


Weekly contributions to charity could look something like this:




Coffee Price



















Annual contributions to charity could look something like this:




Coffee Price

Charity Contribution


















Imagine if this was matched dollar for dollar by a coffee house!!!


Perhaps we could organise a coffee-a-thon, with all funds going to one cause; this could be managed through an organisation such as FundraiseOnline, who would ensure funds went direct to the selected charity.


Choosing the charity could be a task in itself, but worth the effort.


Food for thought, well in this case Coffee for thought, or a thoughtful coffee; take your pick.


If you’re keen to get involved in something like this let me know, leave a comment below or email me





Since posting this several cafes, coffee merchants from New Zealand, Australia, UK and the USA have made contact to discuss how they may be able to initiate something like this in their area.


This matches what the intention of the post was, to open minds to other ways of assisting people in the community and to also inspire companies to implement it where possible.


Fingers crossed we will see some progress on this in the coming year.


Originally posted on AdageBusiness blog 


Why Charity Matters?

People who know me will know how passionate I am about charities and groups working in the community, the help they need and we can give.

So I thought it time to have a dedicated blog to share tips, stories and more about what we can do to help charities and others in the non-profit sector, and how those working in these sectors could help themselves.

I’ll be posting from personal experience, tips and tricks from others; as well as stories about specific charities.

If you work with a charity or non-profit and have something you’d like to share, let me know and if it fits this blog I’ll include something about it in a future post. Likewise, if you support a charity or non-profit and want to share a story about why you help, I’ll look at including it in a post too.

I should start out too by saying there are a number groups and others working within the sector I support, these include the likes of

Koru Care NZ

Southern Stars Charitable Trust

Oxfam NZ

World Vision

Radio Lollipop

Ronald McDonald House – Auckland

Mercy Hospice Auckland

Burn Support Group Charitable Trust


Others working in the community to help the sector that I support or have/do work with include:



Photographers for Charity

Socialize Your Cause

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

I’ve  started putting together a  list of topics I’ll post on, including:

  • Payroll Giving in New Zealand
  • Coffee for charity – interest in this has grown substantially since I originally posted this on my AdageBusiness blog
  • Gift Giving – giving a gift of time, money or product to help a group in the community
  • Bequests
  • Gaining and Retaining Supporters
  • Tapping into the youth sector for support


Hope you’ll keep an eye on this blog, and I look forward to hearing your comment on posts.


p.s do check out The Charity and Philanthropy Daily and if you’re not already follow me on Twitter